79. Street Art, Notices, and Signs

While meandering along side streets between Kathmandu’s Thamel and Durbar Square, I came across some street art. Underneath many of the paintings was X College in conjunction with Kathmandu’s Heritage Walk. Rather than the work of a solitary artist such as a Banksy, this work appears to have been planned to celebrate Kathmandu.


The subject matter included various traditional and religious themes. In the following painting, the artist has combined numerous iconic buildings and structures together.


The next artists have imagined a classical Kathmandu pagoda and Ganesha in more impressionistic style.
fullsizeoutput_1295 fullsizeoutput_129e
The following two pieces were especially striking.

fullsizeoutput_129d.jpeg DSC_4832.JPG

Artists also depicted festivals.



In the Boudha area, I found these two work encouraging ethical responsibility for the environment

fullsizeoutput_127d.jpeg fullsizeoutput_127c.jpeg

Tucked away in one alley, this artist’s work shows a familiarity with Peter, Paul, and Mary in its criticism of capitalism.


lI also like to look at “official” posting boards as well as sides of buildings and light polls where temporary and informal notices are placed.


Then there are the other notices for a select few.

fullsizeoutput_128d.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1172.jpeg

Kathmandu has its business signs advertising services and products. Not surprisingly, Kathmandu has more than its share of busineses offering help for the trekker. 

DSC_4848.JPG fullsizeoutput_1197.jpeg

Artists, notice posters, and sign designers abound. Communicators are alive and well in Kathmandu.

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